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At StructureCast, we manufacture all of our products at our controlled environment plant in Bakersfield, California.  The expertise that each of our management and production teams possess ensures that each product manufactured will not only be of high quality, but will also be manufactured to each and every specification. 


StructureCast is proud to be an:

·        NPCA Certified Plant

·        Los Angeles Certified Producer

·        ACI Certified Plant

·        IAMPO Certified Plant

·        ICC Certified Plant



Plant Manufactured Precast Concrete can benefit any construction project through some or all of its many conveniences.  Listed below are only a few of the advantages of using precast:


  • Strength. The strength of precast concrete gradually increases over time. Other materials can deteriorate, experience creep and stress relaxation, lose strength and/or deflect over time. The load-carrying capacity of precast concrete is derived from its own structural qualities and does not rely on the strength or quality of the surrounding backfill materials.

  • Durability. Studies have shown that precast concrete products can provide a service life in excess of 100 years. For severe service conditions, additional design options are available which can extend the life of precast concrete products. This is extremely important when calculating life-cycle costs for a project.

  • Commitment to Quality. Because precast concrete products typically are produced in a controlled environment, they exhibit high quality and uniformity. Variables affecting quality typically found on a jobsite – temperature, humidity, material quality, and craftsmanship – are nearly eliminated in a plant environment. Rigorous independent inspections ensure uniform and consistent appearance and tolerances.

  • Aesthetics. Precast concrete products are both functional and decorative. They can be shaped and molded into an endless array of sizes and configurations. Because of the modular nature of precast concrete products, structures or systems of nearly any size can be accommodated. Precast concrete can also be produced in virtually any color and a wide variety of finishes (acid-etched, sandblasted, smooth-as-cast, exposed-aggregate, brick-lay) to achieve the desired appearance for building and site applications.
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