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Rapid Construction

StructureCast's Precast Concrete Products are sure to keep your project within schedule.

  • Faster Fabrication. Panels can be cast while permits are approved and the site is prepped, so they can be erected when foundation work is done – and before slabs are poured.

  • Efficiency of Installation. Although precast concrete is quite heavy, nearly all other competing materials require machinery for handling and installation as well. Besides, speed of installation is more dependent on excavation than product handling and placement. Precast concrete products arrive at the jobsite ready to install. There is no need to order raw materials, and there is no need to expend time setting up forms, placing concrete or waiting for the concrete to cure.

  • Faster Erection. Panels go up quickly, enclosing the building faster to speed up interior work and enable faster occupancy. No matter the weather, construction continues throughout the year allowing project schedules to be met. In addition, most precast wall panels can be erected while other trades continue to work around the job site, allowing the entire project to continue without interruption.
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