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Building Systems

StructureCast has developed the ultimate wall system for the building industry. The system is designed using studded precast concrete wall panels with built-in plumbing and electrical access holes. Precast walls are suitable for any building application, be it commercial, industrial, or residential.

StructureCast's Precast Concrete Wall Systems are constructed using the fast and efficient "design-build" method. The panels are constructed and erected while the remainder of the building is designed. Many building phases can proceed simultaneously, shortening the construction schedule. Panels are normally formed to pre-determined lenghts and can be cast into virtually any shape for unlimited design flexibility.

Our Building Systems Provide our Customers with:

  • A Shorter Construction Schedule
  • A quicker Project Turnaround
  • Cost Control
  • Highly Attractive Alternatives
  • Design Flexibility
  • Architectural Finishes
  • A Precast Solution Built to Last
Building Systems
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