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StoneTree™ Fencing Panels


StructureCast’s StoneTree™ Concrete Fence Systems are a beautiful and cost effective alternative to the standard block wall fencing. 


Advantages Include:

       Fast Production

       Speedy Installation

       Design Flexibility Options

       Visually Appealing

       Wind & Earthquake Safe


StructureCast manufactures StoneTree™ Concrete Fence Walls using the unique Combo-Cast™ Technology, which combine the wall panel and column as one integral unit.  With columns every fifteen feet, the StoneTree™ products create a majestic and aesthetically balanced fence wall system.


Our StoneTree™ Fence Walls have a defined formed finish on both sides of the wall, providing enhanced visual qualities that compliment any project to which the fence walls are applied.


StructureCast’s StoneTree™ Fence Walls are finished after installation in many color blends.  Colors can be customized to integrate to your project design.




StoneTree™ and Combo-Cast™ are Owned & Licensed by AFTEC, LLC.

StoneTree™ Fencing Panels
StoneTree™ Fencing Panels 
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